Blue Basin Waterfall, Trinidad

Blue Basin, Trinidad

Published: Davidson and Todd Ltd, Port of Spain Spain
Photo: Tucker

The name Blue Basin is given to a picturesque waterfall and pool on the Diego Martin River. The waterfall and pool are surrounded by luxuriant tropical vegetation and is situated at the northern end of the Diego Martin valley….Near the waterfall the road goes up a steep incline and you can park at the base of the incline. At this point there are two bathing pools near the road on the right, known as Doubla Pools . The name of these pools is a corruption of the original French Patois name “D’eau Bleau” which means Blue Water and interestingly is a variation of the name by which the area is now known., “Blue Basin”. From these two pools you can follow the river upstream to the waterfall. Alternatively you can walk up the incline and there is a path on the right that leads to the waterfall.
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Street View–approximate location

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