Maison du Tisserand , Clamecy, France

CLAMECY (Nièvre)
Maison du XVe siècle, dile Maison du Tisserand

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The medieval centre of Clamecy has been classed by the French government as a “Secteur Sauvegardé” (protected sector) in entirety; the only such protected area in the whole of the department of the Nievre. The town has evolved in the typical concentric French manner, with a town centre consisting of 13th- to sixteenth-century houses (still remarkably intact), surrounded by nineteenth-century houses and buildings with 20th-century developments forming an outer ring.

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The house of the Weaver (or of the Artisan)
Many half-timbered houses, mullioned windows and corbelling have been preserved in the city center, rue de the currency , rue du Puits Marande , rue du Marché and place Saint Jean. The most famous is the “Maison du Tisserand”, listed as a historical monument in 1923. It was the first half-timbered house restored in Clamecy in 1921 by the care of its owners, Mr and Mrs Neveu Lemaire. It comprises on the ground floor, two windows and two semi-circular arched doors, one of which, that of the cellar, is placed under the bottom of the lamp supporting the engaged turret, containing the spiral staircase. The stairwell is completely clad in wood and is sheltered by the cantilever of the second floor. During the whole month of September of the year 1921, visitors admitted to enter this house were welcomed by charming hostesses dressed in long dresses with wide sleeves and wearing the hennin. “The Morvan and the Nivernais”, edited by the Federation Morvandelle of Tourism in 1926, mentions ” a curious little 15th century Weaver’s House, where the weaver’s workshop has been reconstructed at his work, as well as his residence, with period furniture, which can be visited.”
Quelques maisons du vieux Clamecy

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Opposite, at the corner of rue Romain Rolland and rue du Pont-Châtelain, is the Maison du Tisserand, undoubtedly the most picturesque in the city. Dating from the 15th century, classified as a Historic Monument in 1923, it has on the ground floor windows typical of the stalls of the time.
The semi-circular cellar door is placed under the cul-de-lamp supporting the spiral staircase. The highly corbelled second floor has direct access to the staircase. Admire the diversity of its half-timbering.
Clamecy, centre historique (tour of the town)

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