Musumagi (Kissing Hill), Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn (Reval) – Viru t
Postmarked 1929
Publisher: M. Saarbaum.

Postcards of Viru Gate

Another view of original fountain

Google Street View (approximate).

Locals call the artificial hill on the Toome Hill, in the immediate vicinity of the Cathedral, the Kissing Hill. It was built in the 19th century as part of the park’s romantic design over the former Moscow Rondel at Karl XI Bastion. Today, stairs lead to the Kissing Hill and at the top, there is a viewing platform with benches. Next to the Kissing Hill, there is a monument to the poet Kristjan Jaak Peterson, between the sacrificial stone, the hill, and the cathedral. The place has been popular with young couples who take pictures there. There have been open-air performances on and around the Kissing Hill.
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Translated from Russian via Google Translate:
Hill of Kisses (Musumägi) is a small (0.55 hectare ) park in Tallinn , near the Virus Gate , between Valli , Viru Streets and Pärnusskoe Shosse. The park was built on a part of the former earthen fortification at the Viru Gate (“High Bastion”), in accordance with the landscaping plan of Tallinn drawn up in 1876 with the participation of the outstanding landscape architect Georg Kufaldt. The opening took place in 1898.

The authorship of the garden pavilion in the park belongs to the architect Nikolai Tamm (senior). For the ascent to the park, stone stairs were erected, and a fountain was arranged from the side of Valli Street. During the fighting in the summer of 1941, the fallen bomb partially destroyed the Virus Gate, several soldiers of the German army who died in battles were buried in the park, the fountain was lost during the war, and its metal sculpture was melted down. In 1947, the Boys and the Fish fountain was built near the park (sculptor Voldemar Mellik).

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