Patmos, Greece

Isle of Patmos
Publisher: Scripture Gift Mission, Francis C. Branding, Secty, 15 Strand, London

Patmos Island, in the Aegean Sea, is best known as the location where the Apostle John received the visions found in the Book of Revelation of the New Testament, and where the book was written. In ancient mythology, Patmos was known as an island under the sea. The goddess Artemis often visited the mainland across the shore from Patmos, at a place called Caria. There she met the moon goddess Selene, who shed her light on the ocean, showing the sunken island of Patmos. The beauty of the island convinced Artemis to allow it to rise from the sea.
Greek Reporter.

[Scripture Gift Mission] was founded as Scripture Gift Mission in 1888 by the printer, William Walters. He was passionate about the Bible, ‘this book of books’, and determined that it should be available for all, so that “people will read the captivating story of God’s love.” Walters began by publishing Bibles and Testaments, including specially-commissioned pictures from Palestine, so that people could relate to the stories they read

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