Pont de la Boucle, Lyon, France

LYON. — Le Pont de la Boucle
Publisher: Neurdein Studio

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In 1862, the Marshal de Castellane was a bridge made of boats connecting the Grand Camp to Sathonay-Camp. This bridge was replaced by a metal bridge in 1874. In 1899, also a new bridge-type metal, the bridge was considered an unusual figure in Lyon because it consisted of two major airlines’ arches, resting on two intermediate replacement batteries as the Bridge Loop, due to the large curve of the Rhone against the “balmes Caluire.” It was 280 meters long with a small width (10.80 m) to only 5.40 meters carriageway, flanked by two streets of 2.70 m (8 ft 10 in). This caused its narrow loss. It held a limited volume of 7.5 tonnes, which was very inadequate for the needs of traffic.

Construction of the bridge (cropped, from Wikimedia Commons).

The Pont Winston Churchill is a three span prestressed concrete box girder bridge that was built in 1982. It’s the latest in a series of bridges built at this location, which included the Pont Marshal de Castellane that was built in 1862 by lashing boats together. You can still see the piles from the previous bridge in front of the pier in the photo [on the web site]
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On the bridge, (edited, from Wikimedia Commons).

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