Sevilla Street, Madrid

Madrid. – Calle de Sevila
Pubisher: Hauser & Menet, Madrid

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Calle de Sevilla is a short street in the Central district of Madrid, in the Cortes neighborhood and very close to Puerta del Sol. It runs south-north between Plaza de Canalejas and Calle de Alcalá. Before it was called Calle Ancha de los Peligros

At the beginning of Calla Alcalá, on the corner, stands the old building of the Banco de Bilbao, now the Ministry of the Environment. The monumentality and architectural interest is reinforced by the statues that finish off the two towers on the façade: two bronze quadrigas sculpted by Higinio de Basterra. The chariots are mounted by two Charioteers standing on a pedestal, without any apparent direct mythological link, but as a symbol of the power of the banks at the beginning of the century. During the Civil War it was necessary to paint the sculptures black so that the brass covering of the chariots, shining in the sun, would not serve as a reference in the air attacks.
Fascination Spain: The statues that watch over Madrid from the heights

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