Shelled building, Namur, Belgium

Namur. Trou produit par un obus (à la Boulangerie du Bon Pain)
(Hole produced by a shell (at the Boulangerie du Bon Pain [bakery])

LONDON, Aug. 20
The Official Press Bureau publishes as reliable an account of the attack, on Namur, given by Belgian Lieutenant Deppe. When Lieutenant Deppe left Namur on Sunday the Germans, with their 11in Howitzers, had knocked three north-eastern, forts to pieces. They advanced at intervals, and bombarded the town, which was defended by the fourth Belgian infantry.
Namur was completely evacuated on Sunday, the defenders being unable to withstand the heavy artillery fire.
The Germans attacked in three-rank formation–the front lying down, tho second rank kneeling, and the third rank standing. They afforded a splendid target. Machine guns and 30 batteries of Howitzers in sections were simultaneously concentrated on each of the forts, however, and smothered them.
Sydney Morning Herald, 1 September 1914

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