The Palace of the Republic (Presidential Palace), Dakar, Senegal

90. — Afrique Occidentale (Sénégal)
Palais du Gouvernement Général

Western Africa (Senegal) — DAKAR — General Government Palace

Published: Edmond Fortier, 1920s
Postmark: possibly 1925

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The Palace of the Republic, residence of the President of the Republic, is a historic manor located in the Plateau district of Dakar, capital city of Senegal. Built in 1902, the Palace used to be the official residence of the Governor General of French West Africa. The Palace, the construction of which was commissioned in 1902 by Gaston Doumergue, Minister of Colonies at the time, was initially built to accommodate the Governor General of French West Africa (AOF), who was living in Saint-Louis, in the capital. It was designed by Henri Deglane.

After five years of construction, this neoclassical building topped with a tower inspired by the Trocadéro in Paris, was inaugurated on June 28, 1907 as the Palace of the General Government. The Governor General at the time, Ernest Roume, was the first to take up residence in the Palace. He was charged to move the seat of the General Government of the AOF from Saint-Louis to Dakar, and to set up the central administrative structures of this sprawling territorial whole.

The Governors General, then the High Commissioners were designated as heads of the Palace. As architecture and technology evolved over time, the building underwent several renovations giving it its current shape with monumental and understated lines.
Presidency of Senegal

Afrique Occidentale Française — 13 — DAKAR — Le Palais du Gouverneur Général

French Western Africa — DAKAR — Governor-General’s Palace

152.- Afrique Occidentale (Sénégal)
DAKAR. – Palais du Gouvernement vu de l’Anse Bernard

Government palace from the cove.

Published: Edmond Fortier, 1920s
Postmark: possibly 1925

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