Town Hall, Versailles, France

Versailles — L’Hôtel de Ville | The Town-Hall.
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The Versailles City Hall, is a witness of the history of Versailles. This property of a natural daughters of Louis XIV came under Louis XV to the Grand Master of the Royal Household who redesigned and rebuilt in 1900. The Versailles Hotel de Ville (city hall) consists of two distinct parts: along the rue du Général de Gaulle, facing the palace, sits a low building preceded by a wide staircase. This is the first city hall, established in 1790 in the old hotel de Conti. This property, belonging to one Louis XIV’s illegitimate daughters, passed under Louis XV to the Grand Master of the king’s household, who had it refurbished. Paneling from this period is preserved in the modern part of the building. The house, facing the avenue de Paris, is an imposing neo-Louis XIII building designed by H. Legrand, dating from 1897-1900.
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The Versailles City Hall (Hôtel de Ville) that you will see today isn’t very old, but the original building dated back to the late 17th century and the “new” building has kept much of the early architecture. The original building was constructed in 1670 for the Marquis de Bellefonds, Bernadin Gigault. It was a beautiful chateau with grounds stretching to the edge of the gardens of the palace. . . . The princess [Marie-Ann] later sold the chateau to a speculator who stripped the building of its furniture and finery. In 1723 Louis 15th bought it for his Prime Minister, Louis-Hénri de Bourbon. He had it renovated and opened the grounds to the public giving them easier access between the Saint Louis and Notre Dame districts. During the French Revolution it became the “temporary” seat of the Town Council. In 1821 they were still there and the chateau became the official Hôtel de Ville. In 1899 the building was too small and the Mayor Edouard Lefbvre had it pulled down and commissioned Hénri le Grand to build the new City Hall, based on plans of the chateau.

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